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Harry Styles goes into biker mode as he zips through the streets of Los Angeles on his trusty chopper 22.7.14

Marilyn six weeks before she passed, still as ethereal and beautiful inside and out as ever by the wonderful George Barris in July, 1962 for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

 June 1st 1926 - August 4th 1962.

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I’m so pissed right now. How could you tell that Harry is a bad person just because he yelled at a fan. How could you just thinking about it? She was fucking following him! He needs his own privacy DAMMIT, I think he went to LA just to relax and have fun with friends. He’s a human too and even if it’s always kind with fans who bother him, he could have a bad day or would simply a day off from everything including fans. How could you not understand this?
Harry is a good person but he’s just a guy who wants his privacy too, and it’s already hard to him to have it.
I know they are the risks for a famous person, but he’s trying his best to keep apart his own life from business and music world. So please please please do not think about him as a bad person because he is not, he’s one the kindest people ever..goodness. He’s our Harry and will always be if we let him have his own life too. Be respectful as much as he is please.